Through the messages given here at PWUMC we grow in knowledge concerning Jesus our Savior, and not only knowledge, but we grow closer to Him, the risen Lord. At the same time His love is taught and our response is that we love Him all the more. Perhaps most important, for our world, which, is beautiful and at the same time full of hurt and hopelessness; the messages given here proclaim the Love of Jesus in ways that bring hope to the hopeless, and strength to those

who are weak. 

Join in on this life transforming conversation by watching the messages here yourself, and then take the next step, share what you find here with someone you love!

But have reverence for Christ in your hearts, and honour him as Lord. Be ready at all times to answer anyone who asks you to explain the hope you have in you,” (1 Peter 3:15, GNB)

But how can they call to him for help if they have not believed? And how can they believe if they have not heard the message? And how can they hear if the message is not proclaimed?” (Romans 10:14, GNB)

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We have stored the messages given at Point Washington United Methodist Church for the last couple of years. Explore our archive and learn what God is up to here, next door to Eden, right along with the PWUMC Family. ENTER SERMON ARCHIVE - CLICK HERE

Up coming sermon series

Teach Us To Pray

“I don’t know if I am praying the right way. I have a hard time paying attention; sometimes I even fall asleep.”

“I prayed for God to heal my mother, but she died anyway. Did I not have enough faith?”

“Prayer feels like doing nothing to me. I think it would be better if I helped at the Medical Clinic instead of spending my time reading the Bible and praying.”

These feelings (or similar ones) have been expressed by faithful Christians who are trying to follow Jesus. And, almost all Christians, at one point or another, have struggled to pray and to understand why we pray. For the next six weeks, our sermons at Point Washington UMC will be reflecting on prayer. So,

if you have ever wondered, what prayer is or why we do it,

if you want to think about what God might be doing through our prayers,

if you would like some practical tools to help you pray,

join us for the upcoming sermon series,

Teach Us to Pray

Sunday, September 16 – Sunday, October 21

Worship services at 8:45am and 11am

Sunday, September 16                      Teach Us to Pray: A Way of Life                      Luke 11:1-13

Sunday, September 23                      Teach Us to Pray: As We Listen                      I Kings 19:11-13

Sunday, September 30                      Teach Us to Pray: For What We Need            Luke 18:1-8

Sunday, October 7                              Teach Us to Pray: For Each Other                  Philippians 4:4-9

Sunday, October 14                            Teach Us to Pray: With Compassion             James 5:13-18

Sunday, October 21                            Teach Us to Pray: Resting in You                    Psalm 131 & Matthew 6:5-6

On the Wednesday’s following each Sunday of this series, Rev. Amy invites you to join her at 6:30pm in the FLC Library for more discussion of Sunday’s focus and to experience different types of prayer together.


If you have a specific question or comment about prayer that you would like for Rev. Amy to address in the sermon, please feel free to send those to her email at All submissions will remain anonymous for the purposes of the sermon; depending on the number of submissions and the content, Rev. Amy may not be able to include all questions or comments.