5 Benefits of The preschool at Point washignton

When you are a parent, you research, examine, and pray about all of the major decisions you make for your child. Their education is certainly a major choice that you have probably spent a lot of time considering. The Preschool at Point Washington is proud to offer a religious-based curriculum. We believe that Christian values should guide what we teach our children, starting from the beginning of their education. I would like to take a moment to share the cornucopia of benefits of having a preschool as a ministry of our church.

Shared Values

At our preschool, you know that the people in charge of education share the same values, and we are actively working to instill them in each child. Teachers truly care about each child's mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual development, and will nurture them according to the principles that guide their lives at home. The provides a solid foundation for their faith.

Providing the Right Head Start

The beginning of each child's education is the most important. In preschool, children learn how to cooperate with their peers and behave in a school setting, as well as the basic building blocks of knowledge. The foundational lessons they learn in preschool will color the rest of their education. Therefore, giving them these lessons in a religious setting will open them up to continue living Christian values throughout their life.

The Word of God

The Bible tells us that God wants us to teach our children the word of God. According to Solomon, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding" (Proverbs 9:10). Teaching the word of God is an integral part of a child's education that cannot be separated from the rest of what they are learning. Science, math, reading, music, and art were all created by God, and therefore, when we teach our children about these subjects, we talk about God as well. When you send your child to the preschool, from the very beginning, they learn about the word of God in the context of the rest of their education. 

Spread the Word

As Christians, it is our duty to spread the word of God. Jesus said that "we are the light of the world' (Matthew 5:14).As Christians, we must guide society in the Christian way. If a child is to do this, the best way to help them is through a Christian education. At the preschool, each child's faith is reinforced, as well as their desire to preach the word of God. This will have a direct impact on what they will contribute to society.

Christian Community

One of the most beautiful aspects of attending the preschool is having a community of Christians with which the children are surrounded. The preschool provides the opportunity for children to develop relationships with Christian friends and teachers to join and to join their community of faith. In this way, each child gets a wide variety of godly role models to guide their behavior and faith, from their pastor at church to their teachers at school. Each child will have an abundance of Christian brothers and sisters to learn from, as well as a source of support and encouragement.