PWUMC is in the process of looking at building options. You will find information from the committee on this page.

Building committee information

As the Building Committee shares information you will find it here.

  • Listening Sessions - Project presentation

    This is a presentation on the proposed project. It can be reviewed to provide information prior to attending the listening sessions. CLICK HERE TO VIEW

  • building committee feedback form

    The Building Committee needs feedback from as many members as possible. To that end we have included two types of form here. The first can be printed on your personal printer, filled out, and then dropped of at the church during the week or on Sunday. CLICK HERE to download a copy of the printable form. 

    We have also created a form you may fill out online. When you fill out the form this way the information will be sent, right away, to each of the members of your Building Committee. CLICK HERE to access this online feedback form. 

    IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME OR CONTACT INFORMATION ON THESE FEEDBACK FORMS WHICHEVER WAY YOU CHOOSE TO FILL ONE OUT.  If you want someone to get in touch with you about the building program both forms have a place for your name and contact information.